I’m going to be singing to Boo tonight. 1

Boo is Samantha’s cat, he’s 8 years old and no one adores him like Samantha.  Boo likes to imagine himself as a great hunter-warrior dude.  We let him think that.  We have 2 cats that live here and neither one of them belong to us.  Lacey is Shannon’s cat who Shan took with her when she moved out and, well, Lacey let Shannon know, very loudly and for 2 weeks straight that she wanted to go to her real home.  Again, another story.  Bottom line, Lacey came back to live w/Bruno, Boo, stairs, Samantha, Alex, Rob and I.  Lacey is white and if she were human, she’d be blond.  Boo belongs, as I said to Samantha.  He’s all black w/green eyes and was about 6 weeks old when Samantha got him shortly before her Halloween birthday in 2002.  He was a year old when Lacey came on board.  Apparently, he hates babies.  If  Boo where human he’d be a cross between Einstein and Hitler.  Very bright but would like to exterminate all the rest of his species.  He has complete command of the English language, excepting of course, the speaking part, for which I am grateful.  Black and white, I call them Ink and Page.  If there were a cat god, it would be Bruno.  Bruno left us in 2006.  He is still missed.

Back to Boo.  As rough and tough as he tries to be, and it’s all for his image he’s got in his mind about himself, he still has the teeny-tiny, baby, squeaky, kitten voice when he meows.  It’s tough to look at him when he speaks and take him seriously.  Never the less, we do that when what he has to say is important.  When Samantha went away to UMD in 2008 I purchased around $200 worth of toys to try to pacify him.  Right, well that didn’t work because he doesn’t want to play…he wants to be entertained.  Apparently play is work for him and he’s too cool to be seen having a good time.  He turns his nose up at Lacey when she’s playing.  He’s just much too cool for that.  I can tell you though that we have spotted him, from time to time, playing.  Once he notices we’re watching he immediately stops.  I can also tell you that we have certain toy mice that only Boo plays with that I keep finding everywhere.  You got it,  he only plays when there are no witnesses.  Boo adores the great outdoors.  His favorite thing is to go outside.  Our deck stretches the length of the house and our backyard is a pond. Oh yeah, there are critters.  Boo feels the need to jump off the deck to chase the critters.  He is after all, the big hunter-warrior dude.   Boo can also climb back up the deck (Alex can too…and apparently Rob can’t.  Right, another story)  and pretend he’s innocent and he’s been there all the time.  Samantha left for school in August that year and had such a busy schedule that she wasn’t expected home until Thanksgiving.  Boo was a sad, a VERY sad boy.  At the time I was doing research on the band The Seekers from the 60’s.  I can’t tell you why that was my interest at the time but it was.  They have a song entitled “I’ll Never Find Another You”.   Don’t you love it when something hits you in the face?  I downloaded it, changed the word “you” to “Boo” and started playing it repeatedly and singing at the top of my lungs  for Boo.

Guess what?  Music does sooth the savage beast, as Boo imagines himself to be.  He completely locked himself  in.  So then I would pick him up and dance with him, as well as sing to him.  Tough, hunter-warrior as he is, he loved it.   Anytime after that when he was missing Samantha I’d turn the song on loudly and sing, sometimes dance with Boo (again, only if there are not witnesses and that includes Lacey)  to The Seekers.  He never wants an audience to something that may be  considered unmanly.  Samantha had to pick me up from work once this summer and brought Boo with her.  Boo hates riding in the car and tends to “sing”  if he must endure it.  Okay, his “singing” is more like howling, or knowing Boo, probably swearing.  She had classical music on trying to sooth him.  I got in and popped in The Seekers and SR and I started singing loudly and Boo shut up, checked out the car, looked out the windows, climbed up on the  back dash.  He was fine as long as we replayed “his” song.  Incidentally,  Samantha did have to come home unexpectedly for a funeral  after she’d been gone about a month that 1st time she left and she scooped up Boo and he was in his heaven.  It took about 3 minutes for him to come to the realization of   “Wait a minute!  You left me!” and then he slapped her for leaving him.  He repeated that response the 1st 3 times she came home.  “My mom’s home!  Oh, I love you, I missed you, I love you, I’m SO glad you’re here…wait a minute, SLAP”.  He just doesn’t cotton to being dissed.  The only other reason for Boo slapping anyone is if they blow raspberries at him.  That’s a guaranteed slap in the face from Boo.  He get’s dissing.

Boo has known for days that SR was leaving again.  He understands packing.  We had a going away party for her on Saturday and he sulked most of the day.  Normally he’s a party animal, he loves attention and can be the highlight of anything when we have people over.  He sulked most of Saturday.  Today he knew that this was THE day.  He sulked all day.  Get that.

We came from the airport tonight after taking SR there and I sat down.  Boo sat down right next to me.  Rob went to the deck to smoke and held the door open.  Boo was too sad to go out.  Nothing I said made any impression . He just wanted to sit by me.  I knew he was sad but that’s his passion, the deck.   I got up and joined Rob outside (I’m not his mom but I am 2nd best) and we still had to coax him to get him on the deck.  Once we came in I stoned both cats with catnip and it’s been a while since then so I imagine it’s time to play his song and sing to Boo, the mighty, hunter-warrior dude, again.

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