I’m a State Fair snob 5

Sorry, but it’s true.  There’s nothing that entices me to go. Some people go just for the food and I’m just not a cheese curd or anything on a stick person.  As a child I loved it!  The State Fair meant rides and a toy on a stick.  As an early teen I loved it!  It meant AWESOME rides!  However, the best time I had at that age, at the State Fair was when I went w/my girlfriend, Kari. We weren’t driving age so we’d been dropped off  by parents and we would be picked up at a certain time by parents.  We ran out of money pretty fast.  We had a lot of time to kill before we were picked up and a literal dime to our names.  We looked across the street and there were 2 phone booths.  Hello entertainment. We each got in a phone booth and one of us called the other and we took turns randomly stopping people, holding the phone out and saying “it’s for you”.  The various reactions and responses that we got  kept us entertained for the rest of the day.   That was probably the last time I went to the fair in the 1st half of my life.   The next year an amusement park was built just a couple towns down.  Sorry State Fair, this is closer and has more and better rides.  I was done State Fairing.  Is that a word?

It stayed like that for decades.  Just so you know, I did not screw my kids out of the State Fair experience just because I never took them.  They went w/grandparents, their dad, my sister.    When I was 40 and was dating box-of-rocks boy, he asked me if I’d go to the State Fair with him.  Obviously I’m referring to him as that because that’s how bright he was.  However, his fun factor was huge.  I was still in my just-wanna-have-fun mode.  It had been decades since I’d been there and I thought that if anyone could make the State Fair fun it would be box-of-rocks boy so I agreed to go and I went and the most fun I had was running into my friend, Kevin, who I hadn’t seen in a few years.  So, there ya go.  Even box-of-rocks boy didn’t make it fun.

A few years passed and Rob & I had gotten married again a few more years passed and SR (Samantha) was drum major of the Burnsville High School Marching Band and guess what, they were invited to march at the State Fair.  Rob, Shannon and I all volunteered to chaperon which basically means going with the band, walking with them and hosing them down w/water periodically.  I excelled at the parade part!  Of course I did, I’m the mom with a camera and a squirt bottle. Don’t mess with me, I’m on a mission.   That was so much fun for me.   The rest of the time there we spent doing stuff and it didn’t matter what we did, we were together and just had fun doing that.  We could have been anywhere and doing anything.

Last year the UMD marching band (in it’s 3rd year of existence)  marched in the State Fair parade.  UMD is 3 hours away.  Samantha was 3 hours away while at school. Hell yes we’re going to go to the State Fair to see her.  I  probably excel too much as a parade mom and have probably irritated a few people.  The whole paparazzi click, click, click of the camera thing and although I don’t announce it to the world my head is screaming “that’s my kid!”.   Once I did notice that I had apparently irritated someone.  I apologized and just let them know “that one’s mine” pointing at SR.  They got it and we were all good.  After the parade Rob, SR and I just hung out until Samantha’s bus left.  Again, didn’t matter where we were or what we did together, we were together. I did buy a small tapestry that says “In the lilt of Irish laughter, you can hear the angles sing”.  It’s easy on the eye and fits in my living room.  Here’s the cheesy part…it has a button sewn in on the back that I can press to hear it play “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling”.    Actually, I asked them if they had a tapestry without that, nope, so there’s a small battery in my home that will never run out.

Trivia here, in 1901 at the MN State Fair Teddy Rooseveldt made a a speech and in that speech he said for the 1st time in public “Speak softly and  carry a big stick”.

I’m sure I’m in the minority here but unless they feature one of my kids again I’ll probably live the rest of my life without going to the State Fair.  Well wait,  if they put the phone booths back I would definitely consider it :o)

5 thoughts on “I’m a State Fair snob

  • ward26102

    I feel like a real geek. I just love the state fair. Any state fair. I even go to county fairs. The thing I love most are the displays/contests/shows. Doesn’t matter whether it’s animals, pies, collections of memorabilia, quilts, etc. I love them all. 😀

  • goddessjacque Post author

    I totally get that Laura :o) However, I’m attention deficit, I’m either ALL in or ALL out. Nothing for me to focus on unless a kid is performing. Much to broad of goings-on. I need the pinpoint.

  • SR

    gonna have to see me at the state fair again when I come back. UMD Marching Bulldogs are pretty much there to stay. 🙂

  • Kari

    Oh Jacque! Thank you so much for that story…I’d forgotten….in fact, I have forgotten so much from when we were kids. It really took me back. We had some great times, didn’t we? Love you girlfriend!!


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