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cancer sucks.  There are no if’s ands or buts on that subject.  I don’t believe there is anyone who doesn’t know someone who has died of cancer.  I could look up the statistics but why bother?  Ask everyone you know if they know someone who has died from this disease. Cancer is cancer.  Every form needs to be gotten rid of.  Brain cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, ovarian cancer, prostrate cancer, colon cancer.  It’s my guess that if a cure is found for one form of cancer it will aid in the cure for all of the rest.  Over all I think it will take everyone to conquer cancer.  In the past I’ve donated dollars to here and there for different cancer benefits. I used to have a busier schedule.  I’ve heard about the Susan G. Koemen Race For the Cure 3 day for years and years.  My thoughts at the time were always about not having time to do that.  Last year I realized that I have that time at this point in my life.

The Susan G. is the cancer fighting program I’ve heard the most about.  This is why I chose it. When filling out the registration forms last night one question asked “where did you hear about this?” my girlfriend responded with “who hasn’t heard about it?”  My response was “it’s everywhere, it’s everywhere”.  The advertisements also tell us exactly what we need to do to help.  We need to walk 60 miles.  We can do that.  Granted the advertisements don’t tell us how much we need to raise but it does tell us what we need to do.  How many other sites don’t tell us what we  can do to help and instead just say “for info call…..”? There’s no guesswork here.  Can you or can’t you walk 60 miles to aid in the research of breast cancer?  I decided that I can.  I made that decision a long time ago, never had the time.  Last year I realized that I had the time and I posted and toyed with the idea. The deal breaker was that we were supposed to have moved in August, which is when the walk was so I decided to put it off for a year.  It’s a bit ironic that my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer in between then and now.  The good news on that story is that after her double mastectomy she didn’t need to have chemo or radiation.  If one has to have breast cancer, I can’t think of a better ending.  We are all grateful for that.

So this is my year to do the 3 day.  I’m physically able to do it, I feel fortunate for even that.  The tough part will be the raising $2300.  When I posted last year that I was thinking of it the 1st person to respond that she’d do it with me was my daughter Shannon, that makes a mom very proud.  However,  I had to turn her down.  I think my exact words were “I will support you when you do it but you can’t do the walk when I do because I can’t afford to split the family donations”.   I’ve got to raise $2300 and that’s the part that scares me.  Have I ever walked 60 miles in 3 days?  No but I still think it’ll be a whole lot easier than raising $2300 dollars.

My girlfriend, Wendi, is doing the walk with me :o)  She’s just as confident on being able to walk 60 miles as I am (although yes, we will need to train) and is just as ambivalent as I am on raising the the required dollar amount.  We’re looking at fundraisers and the like but we’re still thinking boarder line can we/can’t we?  Any help, no matter what size would be more than appreciated and not by just me.  I wanted to make the 1st donation but like a lot of others I need to wait till payday.  This is my site , any contribution, no matter how small will help.  Thank you in advance.

I researched Susan G. Komen.  It was her little sister who started this in the early 80’s after Susan’s death. Susan was diagnosed when she was 33 and died when she was 36.  How many of us have past that age years ago?  Her sister, Nancy Goodman Brinker thought her sister would have had a better chance at surviving if more people knew the facts about breast cancer.  I’ve decided that I adore Nancy.  I’ve put her on my list of heroes. I  can’t ever get out and do the things she has done in her sister’s name but I can do my small part with a little help from my friends :o)

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  • Kari

    Great job Jacque! Nicely written. I am making a prediction now that you will raise more than the $2,300 required, so you don’t need to worry about that anymore, whew! You have a very large circle of family and friends that I just know will step up for you and for Wendi before the walk in August.

    I would say good luck, but you aren’t going to need it…

    Love you!

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