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Really dislike that term.  Blog. Blogging.  Eh, not as bad as phlegm but still, who made up that word?  It’s distasteful to me.  I have no basis for that.  Sometimes I have reasons for beliefs or feelings.  This one, I really don’t have a reason for.  Okay except for maybe it sounds oushy.  Nothing appealing about the terms blog or blogging or blogged.  Yes, I do realize that I think I just made up the word ‘oushy’.   That, however, makes sense to me.

So anyway Rob follows this blog, and she is worth following.  She is humorous, a rather new mom and new to staying at home with a child ( instead of being a career woman) and kind of wants to give the world a good swift kick in the ass.  She wants to take on manufacturers and large companies, politics and okay, everybody.  Seriously, check her out.  Rob also thinks that I am humorous and feisty.  Normally I’m the only one who thinks I’m funny.  We know though, that he is biased… and he has been pushing me for a long time to start a blog (yuck, still don’t like that word).  Apparently has advertisers now and at present, one advertiser is giving away a rather expensive camera to the best photo book entered.  Take me back 20 years and I know there were issues I’d have soap-boxed about. I also would have been a much better writer at that point in time.  Today, there’s a lot I just don’t care about or I already know that I won’t make a difference.  Haven’t given up,  just more choosy on what I may or may not soap-box about. There are definitely issues, if they came up, that I would have a lot to say about.   Gotta love Rob, thinks very grand scale.  I’m just not that person who is going to draw in the dollars by blogging.

Diary, that’s not a such a bad word.  However, I’m neither blogging nor writing a diary.  Isn’t a blog supposed to be an online diary?  According to my daughter, that’s what it is.  Apparently I don’t do that.  I don’t write “today I picked up the dry cleaning and then scratched my nose at a red light and when I got home I had to go to the bathroom”.   Question:  is there anyone who blogs who doesn’t expect an audience t0 read their entry?  Personally, I don’t think so.  Why else would they put it online?  Myself,  I don’t read blogs. I’ve read dooce a few times at Rob’s prodding but that’s the extent of my reading blogs.   Decades ago, when I kept a diary, I kept it for myself.  I still have several which I, to this day have no desire for anyone else to read.  It’s just hard to throw that part of me away.  I didn’t even like me in those days.  Maybe that’s what I don’t want to throw away.  If I blog, apparently I probably think that someone, somewhere, sometime may read it.   Instead of writing to myself, of course I feel as if I have an audience because it’s out there. Not hidden between the mattress and box spring of my bed.  Incidentally,  what I discovered about that is that it is NOT a good place to hide a diary when one is 14 and your father has just been informed (by your big brother) that you smoke and then your dad searches your bedroom looking for cigarettes.  Really dad?  1st, if I’m not home then I probably have my cigarettes with me and 2nd, between the mattress and box spring?   Cigarettes would  positively flatten.   Not a fun one that night when I got home.

Bottom line on that story, my dad was horrified by some of the entries he read and I was horrified that he had betrayed my privacy.  I would expect that from a sibling but not a parent.   Okay, so then he knew I didn’t wear a halo but more important is the fact that I didn’t alter my behavior after he read it.  Absolutely nothing was gained.

I have to agree with my girlfriend, Paula, on this one.  Paula kept a diary while she was single (before she met her husband) and didn’t throw it out when she got married.  She kept it put away but  she did keep it.  Years after she had gotten married her husband found it and read it and wasn’t real happy with what he’d read.  That was his punishment, he now had to live with knowing things that he was    happy not knowing.  Same as my dad.  They were both happier men before reading the  diaries and nothing else changed when they read them.  “That’s his punishment” Paula said “he has to know those things now”.  Made sense to me.

I used to read Dear Abby.  Parents sometimes wrote in saying that they’d read this or that in their child’s diary and asked for advice on how to remedy a situation without blowing their cover.  Give it up.  Kids tell their parents what they think they should know and ask for advice when needed.  They learn and grow by working those situations out for themselves.  If you’ve betrayed your child while snooping, live with it.   How on earth do they expect their children will grown into adults if they’re that meddling as parents  and don’t trust their children enough to not read the children’s most private thoughts?

Not many adults keep diaries.  If they do they are called “ledgers” or “journals” and are more on a technical basis. Sometimes  prescribed by a doctor to a depressed or repressed person to get their feelings out there.  Put it on paper.  Write it out.  I did that during those horrible teen years and encouraged my children to do so as well.  Writing it out  can give you a new perspective or just get it out of your system.  It’s actually a pretty healthy thing to do.  Hate someone?  Write them a letter…just don’t mail it if you don’t want to live with the repercussions.  Get it out of your system.  It works, somewhat.  Less than killing them and better than doing nothing.

Samantha keeps a blog now to keep us all updated on her European adventures. She expects us all to read it.  She kept a diary when she was younger and did NOT write it for us  to read.  I think Shannon did as well, and again, for herself not an audience.  Alex, I would guess not but I don’t know.   No, definitely no…a blog is not an online diary.

Although Rob would like me to take on the world I tend to tell stories of things that have happened in my life or about things that make me laugh.   I don’t spice things up to make them worth reading.  I just put them out there and there it is. I do pick and choose what I want to put out there.  Not spilling my guts or telling deep down secrets.  I did that in diaries.   No one leads the same life as anyone else.  The stories I relate are  things that have happened in my life.  Read them or not.  It does feel good to write though.  For a long time in my younger years I had wanted to write the next great American novel.  Had Margaret Mitchell and Scott Fitzgerald as heroes.  Neither lived a fab life.  Worth it or not?  Both died relatively young but their words live on forever and have made an impact on some people.  Too late for that, I’ve already outlived them both. Eh.

Rambling, rambling, rambling…so fine. Here’s a story for the night, again something that made me laugh:

Not my norm to not bring this up to off-spring but when Shannon,  Alex, Rob and I went to see Celtic Thunder a few weeks ago I leaned over to Shan and told her that I really didn’t think her dad would mind, if I asked, if it was okay if I slept with George.   Her response was “I asked Kevin if it was okay if I slept with Paul, he said no”.

Shannon then leaned to her left and asked Alex “which one would you sleep with?”  The female violinists and cellist of Celtic Thunder are as beautiful as they are amazing musicians.  Alex told Shannon “the one in the purple dress”.  That didn’t appease Shannon.  “No”  she said  “it has to be one of the guys” .  Big sisters can be very demanding.  Quick-witted Alex shut his sister up with “the one in the skirt (kilt), easy access”.  That made me laugh.

During intermission I relayed this to Rob just as I’ve  done here, in 2 separate paragraphs.  After the 1st paragraph he did the head-shake with the eyes rolling up in his head thing.  He tends to do that with some of my best ideas.  “No really, you wouldn’t mind, right?”   Again the head-shake and eyes rolling up in his head.  After that I relayed the 2nd paragraph he laughed at Alex’ response to Shannon.   A minute later he said  “Okay but then I get to sleep with the violinist in the purple dress”….I know, it took him that long.

7 thoughts on “Blogging

  • Rob

    I have to agree Jacque, the word blog just seems to leave a bad taste in my mouth – maybe you should be the one to come up with the next buzz-word for online publishing! Meanwhile, thanks for the smiles 😉

    Love you 😀

  • goddessjacque Post author

    John, you read me? I am very flattered. Please, tell me your stories. I’ve heard some but not all just as you’ve heard some of mine but not all. Right, and I’d definitely tell you more than I’d post. Children, ya pick and choose what you post. Two of my 3 read. Rob, I can definitely come up with another term. Give me a day. If a blog is not an online diary then what I do needs a new term, right? Story telling online, right story telling from past experiences…I can do this…back atcha tomorrow. Although it really would better if I had new stories. Hahahaha, like when we got kicked out for Samantha’s friend going away party. That was fun.

  • SR

    you were not kicked out. you just weren’t invited, and I’m sorry.. I really don’t think you would have wanted YOUR parents at any going away party for YOU, and we didn’t even drink or do anything illegal.

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