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Well yes, I do think I’m funny

High school sweetheart and I (obviously) go way back.  Our communication didn’t end way back, however.  He and brother bear are great friends.  I adore his family, he loves my parents. As a matter of fact, brother bear and hs sweetheart’s dad meet for lunch every Friday.  High school’s sweetheart’s name is Jeff.  We have several friends in common from way back and whenever one resurfaces we make it an event and we all catch up.  I wouldn’t say we’re close but we have several treasured memories  from those growing years, that just stay with you.  The fun part about someone else resurfacing is that although it’s been decades and we’ve all changed a bit,  we went through the awful teenage years together and  survived them…together.  We were all there for each other.  As much as we’ve all changed through life’s experiences,  I believe that we are also all the same at the  core.   Through all the years and experiences we had together, as we were just figuring out who we are, we know each other.    It is so fun to get in touch with people who knew you way back then. To reconnect with those who knew you before all of life’s trials and tribulations.  I adore that about facebook, it has enabled me to reconnect with people I’ve known since before elementary school through the years I worked at the Timberlodge.  Some of them, although they may be close to my heart, I haven’t kept in touch with them. I entirely suck at keeping in touch with people so facebook has been a very nice reconnection device for me. .

Rob had recently told me that he’d been looking for his hs sweetheart on fb with no luck but had just  remembered a nickname she went by in college and was going to try that. Fun! I hoped he’d find her.  I get the connecting with those who knew you before all this other crap happened.  Apparently the nickname worked and  Rob found her and they became friends on fb and that’s all good and he scanned in their prom picture, tagged them both and put it as his profile picture.  I thought the sentiment was very sweet.  That thought lasted about a day and a half.  It would weird me out a tad if Jeff changed his profile pic to one of the 2 from of us decades ago.  The posting part I get, but if I were Rob’s hs sweetheart I’d be a little creeped out that he made it his profile photo.  Spell check has put a red squiggly line under the word  creeped telling me  that isn’t a word, but I think anyone would know  what I mean by “creeped out” and therefore it should be a word.

Backing up a bit, a few years  ago, a very good friend of both mine and Jeff’s was going to hit this town.  Our friend had moved to Montana 25 years ago.  Those of us from way back when that are still in the area planned a party so we could all get together to see Pete and meet his new bride.  At the party Jeff gave me a cd that (I think) his mom had made that had lots of photos of all of us from way back in the day.  There were a few of just Jeff and I.  The party was a great time.  Fabulous to see Pete, adore his wife, Kelli, and it was very nice to catch up with everyone else.  I think it was the very next day that I had the idea of creating a photo album of the lot of us from then and now.  I know, I don’t have a life. I dug out my steamer trunks that have old photo albums in them and grabbed the scanner  and the cd that Jeff had given me and got busy making my fb album entitled Embers folk then and now…or something of the sort.  I actually had a lot of fun putting it together.  Included in the album were, of course, pictures of just Jeff and me.  The two of us being a couple was part of that era and since we’ve remained friends through the decades and aren’t weirded out by, or uncomfortable with each other, it just wasn’t an issue including a few for that album.  What I didn’t do was tag tag either of us in the photos.   No point, right?   Who else would care?   I just think that anyone who viewed the album would be someone who was one of from way back when and Jeff and I being a couple was part of that era.  Who else would ever care to look at it.   As far as tagged photos of me go, really, does anyone who didn’t know me then care about who my boyfriend in high school was?  I don’t think so.  That and yes,  when I get a new friend on facebook I like to flip through the photos they’re tagged in.  It could be that that’s just me.  Don’t really care about photos they’ve posted but I like to see the ones they’re tagged in.  That’s my story and opinion about that so again, back to Rob finding his high school sweetheart and his profile picture.

As stated, after a day and a 1/2 I didn’t just didn’t think the prom photo was appropriate as Rob’s profile pic anymore. He made his point, the sentiment was sweet…but now you’re going to leave it there?  I’m just not looking at is Rob’s wife, again I’d be creeped out if I were the former girlfriend.  Better yet, what if her husband was an insanely jealous man who would hunt Rob down and kill him? Or, ya know, what if it terrorized her children?  I realize I have a vivid imagination.  I waited another half day. It  didn’t change.  Then I listed my fb status as wanting to do something inappropriate but knew I shouldn’t.  I adore my niece, Kelly.  We messaged each other and I told her what I was thinking and that I thought it was pretty catty.  She set me straight on the not being catty part so what the hell?  I went back to one of the photos of Jeff and I from the Embers album, tagged us  each and added as a caption “Apparently it’s  change your profile pic to one of you and your hs sweetheart week”  or something similar and posted it as my profile pic.  Then I went to bed.

A few people commented on that photo.  Samantha asked if it was a dueling hs significant other thing, that made me giggle.  The following evening my son, Alex, stopped by.  Rob arrived home while Alex was here and mentioned that Alex and asked him about “post a profile pic w/your hs sweetheart week” and  that his response was “yeah, I think your mom made up”.   Cute, Alex was going to do just that before he asked his dad.  Later, Rob went out to smoke and Alex went outside with him to warm up his car and I stayed inside and changed my profile photo to a different photo of Jeff and I from way back when.  I didn’t tag either of us in the second one.  Not a fan of overkill.  Just put the caption as “yes I am a smart ass, change your profile pic yet Rob?”

A few minutes later Alex left, Rob came  back inside we chatted a bit and then he went downstairs to his computer.  A few minutes after that I saw on fb that “Rob Garber has changed his profile picture”.   That threw me into gales of laughter.  Yes, I laugh too hard and too easily at times.  I commented on his new profile photo, asked him if he ever wondered why he loved me and reminded him that it is because I march to the beat of a different drummer.  Then I changed my profile picture, laughing the entire time.  I also untagged Jeff and I from the photo I’d tagged us in.  I really don’t think there’s anything I do better than make myself laugh.  That was Monday.  I’d made a point, the point was taken, the end.  Well, I thought so.

Tuesday night as we were walking into our square dance class I received a text.  Flipped open my phone, read the text and laughed myself silly again.  It was a text from Jeff  stating “K, I’m gonna need to know why I’m getting all all kinds of comments on a picture you posted”.  He was asking because said photo had been on fb for years and had never gotten any comments.  Okay, that still makes me laugh.  After class I responded to the text telling him that was a story.   Too long for a text.  I also told him that I’d message him on fb and I did.  That was Tuesday night.  I’ve got to guess that out of the 3 of us I’m the only one that was amused because I haven’t heard back from Jeff.  That makes me laugh, too.

I actually wrote this a few nights ago, since then Jeff has responded with “well, that makes sense” or something of the sort.  I still think I’m the only one of us who things I’m funny.    No one felt mad or slighted, no animals were harmed during the profile pic game, I amuse myself entirely and what else matters?