Daily Archives: December 3, 2010

Wow, do I ever suck as a daughter

Fyi, I absolutely ADORE my mom.  She’s the only sane person I got DNA from. She’s also the one I learned common sense from.  She is an amazing mom and my example of an incredible person. That’s what I strive for, to be like her.   Being my dad’s “straight man” is not her only job in life, probably just her hardest.  Okay fine, except raising 5 children, 4 of which are attention deficit.  Well wait, we’re no longer living with her so maybe being my dad’s straight man truly is her hardest job.  That and I’ve got to believe that she loves being a mom, a grandma and a great-grandma.  She also loves being my dad’s wife, still though, hates being his straight man. Last week my dad told their sever, at a restaurant,  that it was my mom’s birthday.  Her birthday is in April.  I get why that was fun for my dad, but I don’t have to live with him.

Snowstorm here tonight, no biggie if you’re born and raised here.  I don’t drive a 4-wheel drive vehicle, even though there’s one sitting my driveway not being driven.  I also don’t think I’ve done donuts in decades. I drive a Cobalt that likes to slip-slide-away.  I love my car.  It’s a 2005 so this will  be our 6th winter together.   I’ve only gotten stuck once and that was in my own driveway.  Another time I did go into a snowbank but I got myself out.  Last year on Christmas Eve there was a snowstorm and 3 of us, at my place of employment, had to work.  One of us got stuck in a snowbank, one of us parked at the DMV and walked the rest of the way, one of us had her husband drive her in the 4 wheeler.  So I cheated, I know my car’s limits.   Anyway, back to my wussie car tonight and the drive from work to the bookstore.  They’re about 3 and a half miles apart.  The 1st vehicle in distress that I encountered was a mini van stuck half way on the main road leaving a parking a lot.  That puts my 2 lane down to one lane.  Shortly after we got back to 2 lanes and then a hundred feet  later there was a  fender bender on the other side of the road which  put it back to 1 lane again.  Back again to 2 lanes by the time we hit the stoplight and after the stoplight the road inclines.   In past years my car hasn’t always wanted to go up the incline.  It has always made it but there were iffy times.  Tonight, crawling up the incline, I watched a pick-up truck hit the snowbank, with it’s bed, on the passenger side.   Those of us in the right lane were stuck behind him.  It took a few minutes but he did get himself out.  Ten yards up there was a car in the left lane who was spinning his tires yet going no where.  Back down to one lane.  Ten yards past him was another car  mimicking him, spinning tires and getting no where.  After that it went back to 2 lanes for the remainder of my short journey.  My car was flashing me the “low traction” light until I finally turned onto another road.  The roads are bad tonight and it’s still coming down.  I got to the bookstore, met my mom, shopped,  ran into previous co-workers ( I really do miss working there) and had fun.

After we left, my mom and I met again at my house, half way point from the bookstore to her house.  She came in for a while and then she left at 7:22.  My mom drives a mini van.  I asked her to call me when she got home.  Apparently she’s feuding with my dad today.  She turned me down so I had to let her know that if she didn’t call me in 20 minutes I’d call my dad and tell him to call the authorities.  Okay that swayed her.  She only lives 10 minutes away, tops.  She left and I sat down and started doing something on my computer and got totally sucked in and then my phone rang at 8:12.  Holy effin crap!  What is wrong with me?  I’d given my mom 20 minutes to make a 10 minute drive yet she had to call me 50 minutes later to tell me she forgot to call me?   ARGGGGGGGGGGG!  I am an awful daughter!

She blamed her forgetting to call me on age.  I blamed my not calling her on the fact that I’m attention deficit.  Not something she can usually argue with.  In this instance she did though. “Oh no, not necessarily, Jacqueline, I think I started losing it at 50” she said.   Whoa, SLAM!  Funny because my dad is the one who slam-dunks, not my mom.  Apparently she’s picked up a few things from him these past 55 years.  I am an awful daughter :o(