Daily Archives: August 22, 2010

Well, there ya go… 2

the more you look, the more you find.  Duh!  Was blond as a kid, it shows up more and more as I age.  Or, ya know, it could be the whole attention deficit thang.  No patience.   Anyway, the whole “Musings and Confusings” was Rob’s.  I once asked him if weird things happened to everyone, his reply was “no, that’s just you”.   Taking that to mind, I think I’d borrow the phrase “My weird life”.   My life is neither bad nor good but strange things have happened to me, not amazing…just strange.  Idk, I kinda  just think that I act a tad differently than others would and that’s why things happen.  It could be.

The “goddess” thing is a choice thing.  Over a decade ago I read a book entitled “The Sweet Potatoes Queen’s Book on Love”.  They self-entitled themselves.  I thought about the whole self-entitlement thing and wondered what title I would give myself if I were to go there.  I see queens as old, fat and bitchy.  I see princesses as young, totally not in control of their lives and kinda stupid.  Hence, goddess.  Unless some dumb ass god blocks them for some reason they totally rule.  Mentioned that to a (then) co-worker of mine and she completely took off with it, spread the word, encouraged me in every aspect I can think of.  Since then I’ve not only run with it, I’ve made other women in my life “goddesses” as well.  It’s all in the attitude, right?  Right.  I now get Mother’s Day and birthday cards addressed to “Goddess Jacque” .   It’s a choice.  Anyone want to be made a goddess, let me know.  Okay, and just so ya know, I don’t wear a tiara to clean the house.  However, if you need that GO FOR IT!  Whatever it takes to make yourself feel good about yourself.  We all need to do that.  Okay, there are some people I would exclude from that last statement.   There’s a few people who SHOULD be taken down a notch or several.  We all know of them.

Right, just totally deleted everything I have to say about that.  Big subject for another day.  So anyway, here’s me in a nutshell.  Married to 1st, ex and 2nd husband, Rob, have 3 kids: Shannon, 25, just married Kevin in May.  Alex, 23,  who has a darling girlfriend, Ashley, and Samantha, 20 who is about to leave us all for 11 months to go to school in Germany.  Should I choose to keep this up and should you choose to read, you’ll get to know the rest of the people in my life…like Boo, who is glaring at me because it’s past time for his canned cat food.  Ef me, I’m apparently a bad gramma for grandkitties.  Time to feed Boo…he can  be kind of demanding, or, ya know, take repercussions if he doesn’t get what he wants…in the manner of not using the litter box.  I am outta here.